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Dialogue – The key to great fiction?

There are plenty of different components that make up a good story. You’ve got the structure, the world-building, the characters, the plot, the setting, the sequence of events…

It goes on and on.

Yet there’s one thing that I have seen writer’s struggle with more than other aspects of a story.

One story component that is so integral, that getting it wrong could totally deflate a potentially brilliant story.

Yet if you get this story component right, you’ll add a whole new dimension to your novel.

What I am talking about is dialogue.

One of the hardest parts of fiction to master

If you write enough, you can quickly get a grip of how to build a world or how to plot a novel.

Character names are simple enough and writing descriptions of settings isn’t too hard.

Yet writing dialogue is a serious stumbling block for a lot of writers.

Because you could have the greatest premise in the world, with an interesting setting and compelling characters, but it all crumbles away into mediocrity if your dialogue sucks.

And for a lot of writers, they may be able to manage “okay” dialogue, but something is missing. They want to do better.

They don’t want okay dialogue, they want great dialogue. For whatever reason, they haven’t achieved it yet and it is holding their stories back.

How good do you want to be?

Whether your dialogue is terrible, or whether it is just okay or good enough, this guide can help.

Snap Dialogue is a guide that sure would have helped me when I began to write fiction about five years ago.

In it I have included valuable information that I have learned from writing millions upon millions of words, from studying stories in-depth, and from my experience in acting and business.

I wanted to create a definitive resource that could take you at whatever skill level you were at. A guide that would give you lessons on powerful concepts without being overwhelming.

It only takes you 45 minutes to read

There are so many books out there that are 400 or 300 pages long, when really they could be cut down to 30 pages and have far more power.

That’s what I wanted to do with Snap Dialogue.

In it I cover five powerful ideas that you can start applying right away to improve your dialogue.

There’s no fluff or extra stuff. It is just straight too it.

It’s a quick read. You’d be able to get through this guide easily within 45 minutes if you’re an average reader or better.

What you can expect to learn in Snap Dialogue:

– The factor that comes first before your character even says a single line. Understanding this idea alone will give your dialogue more weight and impact.

– The best way to structure your dialogue to create maximum interest from the reader.

–  When to cut down dialogue and what to replace it with for more impact.

– A quick way to get vital information across to your reader without boring them.

– How to write characters who have voice, so that you never have bland, monotone dialogue in your stories again.

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